Office Attire

i wore this…to work [cocktail dress + marni coat]

I have received several comments/questions recently about the “formalness” of dress (or lack thereof) in my office.  Specifically, I have been asked if the dress code in my office is a bit looser than the norm.  While in some respects I believe that it is (I live in Los Angeles after all!), I do want to make it clear that I work in an office with a strict “business casual” dress code.  Dress-code violations have been handed out, rules are often clarified and appropriate haircuts are not an uncommon topic of conversation.  Let us be clear, I am an attorney.  I do not work in fashion.  I do not work at a magazine.  In fact, I work in a world largely populated by gabardine pantsuits and cotton button-up blouses.

And while I am perhaps the only loony toon who chooses to dress the way I do in this business (there are one or two exceptions), my goal is to test the limits of that code and find new ways to “comply” in theory, while still expressing my love for fashion.  That said, I am not naive and fully understand the importance of “dressing for the job you want.”  

I just happen to think that a woman can run a company or be a partner at a law firm in five-inch Marni heels, if that is her desire. 

I know some don’t have the luxury to express themselves in this way, and there are places where wearing a bright colored floral cocktail dress with geometric shoes might be considered more outrageous than fabulous. And it is in this respect that I admit my office is a bit different than most.  I was hired (hopefully!) for my personality, my intelligence and my wit.  And it was well understood by all that this fashion thing of mine is a part of that package. 

Now don’t be fooled, I know how to turn it on for client meetings, court and other absolute must occasions. I own my fair share of Theory suits (see here) and white button-up shirts.  I am just lucky enough to work for fabulous individuals who allow me to be just that, an individual.

Jazz hands and all.