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Dezso does Dallas

A little heads up that the fabulous stylist turned jewelry designer Sara Beltran of Dezso is making a personal appearance here in the Big D at Forty Five Ten (where else) as a part of the Dezso trunk show there.  She will be at Forty Five Ten today and tomorrow hanging out and showing you what she’s got in store for …

What I wore


Last night I was chatting with Amy about what we were going to wear tonight to our event at Blushington (stop everything and RSVP if you haven’t! See you there!) and my response was, “Let’s be honest, I’ll probably end up in a button-down, leather leggings or jeans and a pair of heels.” And while I have yet to make …


What’s your thing?

There is a common theme in the conversations I have with people about their careers – they are unhappy, dissatisfied and not sure what to do about it. At the end of each of these conversations, we always come to the same conclusion: They need a thing. You see, everyone needs a thing. Having a demanding career …


Climate Change

I have been doing some work traveling recently, which always requires a little climate inspired wardrobe reconsideration.  Add a blazer here, lose a sandal there. Even though Los Angeles is in a somewhat constant (albeit a fluctuating constant – you do the math) state of spring/summer, it appears that April in other parts of the …

Office Attire

Double breasted

There is something inherently sophisticated about a double-breasted blazer.  More popular for men than they ever have been for women (think 1930′s power players and old boys club smoking lounges), perhaps it is the more recent focus on androgynous style that has me thinking about the old world suiting.  Oh how the times (and my style) …

Business Casual

Getting Graphic

Talk about taking corporate style to the streets.  Remember that whole vintage (or not-so-vintage as the Balenciaga case may be) t-shirt and pencil skirt look (here and here)?  Turns out, it’s a full on “thing.”  While my corporate thoughts remain the same, having been inspired and adopting the theory that a blazer cures all business casual sartorial …



The first thing that struck me about this editorial from Vogue Latin America was the office itself.  Thank goodness mine looks NOTHING like this.  Although, I have heard rumors that there are still many low-light, dark wood, retro spaces out there.  And since today is the today we normally take a look around “fashionable” offices, I thought …