I am a big time gift giver.  There is nothing I love more than going out to find someone the perfect present (which sometimes means spending more than previously agreed upon) and wrapping it up perfectly for it’s intended recipient (mostly because it looks nice under my tree).  However, finding the gift is one thing, but finding quality wrapping paper is an art in and of itself.  I have had my fair share of luck with vintage papers and have even been known to wrap packages in leftover wallpaper samples (yep, it’s amazing), all with the hope of finding a beautiful, thick paper that is noticeable on it’s own.  You know, the gift you don’t want to open?

Recently, a friend of mine (Mary from A Fab Life) introduced me to Wrapped LA and their insane line of papers (that are actually made for wrapping, as opposed to the wallpaper I have been using).  Wrapped’s entire premise is that wrapping paper should be a work of art (preach!), which inspired prints from paint splattered floors to exotic animal hides (the zebra is a personal favorite).  If you have time you should head to their blog to read about their design process.  The whole concept is pretty amazing.

Anywho, Wrapped LA is currently hosting a holiday pop-up in Nordstrom (through November 15) where you can get your hands on their assortment of gift bags, boxes, gift tags, a wide assortment of papers, animal print notebooks (for all of the gift tracking) and file folders (for all of the receipt holding). Personally, I am fully stocked with both holiday themed and designer papers and am ready for some gift-giving action.  Now if only I knew what to put inside…